Here are some reasons to make Chrysalis

your preferred resin panel material:

  • Chrysalis meets a stringent architectural standard rather than merely a decorative one.

  • All our product designs are available at one price per thickness, to help you maintain project cost control, and our pricing is very competitive.

  • Chrysalis is readily available through distribution around the world.

  • Chrysalis is 40 times more impact resistant than float glass.
  • Chrysalis has a Class 1 fire rating and is made exclusively with PETG resin.

  • Chrysalis is the only resin panel that has dry erase capabilities right off the shelf, at no additional cost.

  • Chrysalis has the only truly "self-healing" finish on the market, and can be repaired with a common heat gun or Crème Brulee torch in place.
  • Chrysalis is thermoformable and can be cold bent without damage to the inclusion.

  • Chrysalis emits no V.O.C.’s, BPA’s, or PMMA, unlike acrylic and/or polycarbonate, and can be used with confidence in enclosed places.

  • Chrysalis is bacteriostatic, which means it does not support bacterial growth. Making it ideal for sanitary areas.

  • Chrysalis is manufactured in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA with American produced resins only, for superior performance.

  • Chrysalis is value-engineered.

  • Chrysalis UV can be used outdoors with no thermal cycling damage.

  • Chrysalis is available in up to 92% recycled content, depending on availability of the recycling stream.

Where We Stand

When Duraglas Inc. was founded, we realized that we had an opportunity to become part of a positive influence for change in a world rapidly growing smaller.


With the ability to travel large distances in hours, to feed our families with food grown on the other side of the world, and to communicate instantly, comes the realization of the consequences and responsibilities that come with those advances. Everything we do in our daily lives, things we all take for granted, can now affect some part of our planet in some way.


In an effort to be environmentally responsible, we make our product with material that allows maximum use of natural light in the surrounding environment, allowing you to use less electricity. In addition, Chrysalis meets all GREENGUARD V.O.C. requirements. We are also setting up a program to accept used Chrysalis panels back for recycling.

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